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Glasfasergewebe für Textilfassaden

GLASS / PTFE coated architectural mesh

Highly tear-resistant fiberglass yarn coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) offers great advantages for use in architecture. PTFE is dirt-repellent, acid and heat-resistant. Therefore, it is very easy to clean and durable in outdoor use. It has an excellent fire resistance behavior. Therefore the main field of application is public buildings, skyscrapers and fire escape ways. But also other builders decide for it because it features are long outdoor durability.

roho manufacture PTFE coated mesh in a wide variety under the brand name rohotex premium.
As core material is glass fibre used which is coated by PTFE. PTFE is impermeable to UV light. This property protects the core material from aging and colors from fading. rohotex is in a variety of colors available by default. With a purchase quantity of 26900 sqft. colors can be made to customer specifications. Standard material width is 149 inches. It has a typical light transmittance of 30%.

Performance chart PTFE-coated architectural membranes
PTFE coated glass fiber fabric
Simple fire resistance comparison

This simple fire test clearly shows the different material properties.



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​Untreated PVC coated fabric catch fire easily and burn down in seconds.

Treated PVC coated fabric don't catch fire that easily. And if they do, it does extinguish itself.

PTFE withstands temperatures of up to 500 ° F. Also permanently exposed.

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