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PVC coated PES Mesh for architecture

rohotex is a high-tenacity polyester yarn that is coated with PVC. PVC-coated materials are widely used in industry because of their low cost and long life. The material is easy to handle and can be welded together to form larger areas. rohotex is available in many different colors and weaves. rohotex has a material width of 320 cm). With a quantity of 6000 square meters, any color shade can be custom-made. It has a typical light transmission of 15%. Outdoor durability is around 15 years. There is a good view from the inside to the outside in the case of spanned windows.
If required, we can print your motif on these fabrics using the digital printing process. However, the printing inks can fade over time. To avoid this disadvantage, we subsequently coat the printed fabric with a special UV protective varnish. This makes it possible to increase the durability of the printing inks. However, printed textile facades are not recommended in areas with increased environmental pollution.

From now on all our rohotex fabrics will be equipped with the Titanit coating newly developed by roho. Improved self-cleaning effect through a combination of antibacterial and photocatalytic substances. Titanit not only keeps the facade clean but also reduces nitrogen oxides in the ambient air, similar to the photosynthesis of a tree. And thereby actively contributes to improving the environment.

colored textile facade
Fabric for textile facades
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